About Us

Manufacturer of Finely Crafted Stainless Steel Tiles

At Stainless Steel Tile, we're a group of Artisans and Creatives that design and make 100% of our Handcrafted tiles... all done 100% in the USA (right outside Atlanta, to be exact!). We're focused on making high quality metal tiles with Beautiful Designs and in Unique Sizes, and we're proudly 100% Women-Owned and Operated.

We Believe in Creating Unique Tiles

Every project is Unique. Our Tiles are Unique. In fact, you won't find anyone else making tiles exactly like we do. Why? Because our metal tiles are Handcrafted. Plus, we have custom one-of-a-kind tools we use to make our tiles.

We Believe in Quality

Our tiles have the same thickness as ceramic or porcelain tiles (and in some cases, our tiles are as thick as natural stone tiles). How? We use a Thicker, Heavier Gauge stainless steel, and our tiles have Fully-Formed Turned Edges, so our tiles actually look like tiles (and not cut pieces of thin steel).

Plus, we have quality checks every time we touch each tile (which is numerous times before it's finally made).

We Believe in Passionate People

You're passionate about your project. We're passionate about our tiles. No matter whether your project is BIG or SMALL, we'd love to work with YOU.

Call us at 404-655-6719


  • 2x Best of Houzz Winner
  • Featured in HGTV's article, "20 Stainless Steel Backsplashes"
  • Pictured in 2018 PassageMaker: The Power Crusing Authority
  • Featured on Family Handyman
  • Pictured in K+BB Magazine
  • Front Cover of Palo Alto Weekly Home & Garden
  • Featured on YouTube's popular Pure Living for Life channel
  • 100% Woman Owned and Operated
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Featured in North Pacific Yachts (they use our tiles in all their kitchen backsplashes)
Stainless Steel Tile in Tyrone, GA on Houzz
Stainless Steel Tile in Tyrone, GA on Houzz
Stainless Steel Tile in Tyrone, GA on Houzz