About Stainless Steel Tile

Stainless Steel Tile, Inc. is a small veteran / family-owned business. We purchased this 12 year old company in April of 2014 and moved it to Tyrone, Georgia, about 25 minutes south of the Atlanta International Airport.  Feel free to stop by and see us if you are in the area.  While most of our business is conducted online, we enjoy welcoming local customers and visitors.

About Us. Father & Son - Stainless Steel Tile, Inc.

American Heritage

Stainless Steel Tile is a Veteran & Family-Owned Business

We are proud of our American heritage and traditions. We do our best to emulate the best in American small town values and place customer needs above profits. While many decry the flight of manufacturing jobs overseas, we are doing our part to make something in America. “Made in America” is not an empty slogan to us.

In order to compete with tiles flooding the market from China, we offered our customers an imported product from a responsible South Korean company.  However, when our current inventory is depleted, we will not continue offering this tile.  We will continue our focus on providing only tile that we make in the U.S.A.

Stainless Steel Tile, Inc. offers Proudly Made In The USA products